Please note that our supply of pilots is rapidly diminishing. This is due to our inability to obtain figures from the manufacturing source. Please check our price list on this site for remaining stock.

We have discontinued all pilots and accessaries as of the 2014 WRAM show . We still have some inventory and will be offering them at the 2016 WRAM show. At this show we will be offering a special clearence price on all the remaing stock.

Come visit us for a "deal".

After these guys are gone this page will be gone...

Please check our price list area for the remaining pilots.

Sorry, but all the military guys are gone. We only have a few civilian bust figures left.


SE5 •General Pilots - Civilian or Military • Hawker Typhoon •Cessna L-19/0-1“Bird Dog”
•Hawker Hurricane •Stinson L-5 “Sentinel”
•FW-190 Wheels •Hawker Tempest •Focke Wulf FW-190
•Cockpit Kits •L-5 Prop Extension & Scale Spinner •Hawker Sea Fury •P-47 Thunderbolt
•FW-190 Retracts •FW-190 Fan •Vailly Sport GIANT SCALE RETRACTS