By popular demand, our first WWI design,

                              the famous SE 5 in 1/3 scale.


Wing span: 108 inches     Weight:  38 – 46 lbs    OAL: 85 in 

      Engine:  G62 w/Mick Reeves prop drive

            or 75 – 85 cc direct

The “SE5” is a 1/3 scale design for the WWI sport/fun scale enthusiast based on W.A. Wylam drawings. It may also be built as a SE5a with some changes. It is designed around a Zenoah G-62 with a Mick Reeves reduction prop drive unit (30/12 XOAR or SEP prop). Other engines may also be used with direct drive. Construction is all wood built-up structure and utilizes conventional materials and assembly techniques. The model features a three piece wing design with plug-in panels for easy transportation and the functional flying wires provide easy assembly/disassembly at the field. A 4 to 6 channel radio is required. The plans consist of 6 large sheets and show all structures and templates drawn full size. All sheets are 34 inches wide and 10 to 12 feet in length. Both wings are shown in there entirety along with all necessary rigging detail. Accessory parts available are: a vacuum formed head rest set and vacuum formed engine valve covers (2 covers). The SE 5 uses Dubro 9.33 inch diameter wheels and a 1/3 scale pilot bust.






Recipient of the

"2014 Spirit of Rhinebeck"


  Best Allied Biplane

at 2016 and 2019 long Island Dawn Patrol




 1st Place in Designer Scale

 at the 2016 WRAM show.


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