Now you can add that extra touch of realism to your 1/4 scale L-19, T-34 or any 1/4 scale model whose pilot wore a hard helmet. The helmet is designed to fit most of the popular 1/4 scale pilot figures on the market today. The helmet is supplied in four parts, two halves (left and right), Sorry, the visor shield and a clear visor are no longer available. All parts can be assembled using Zap-A-Gap or similar Ca’s.

We also offer a similar helmet for 1/6 scale pilot figures. This helmet is in two halves and has a "visor shield" molded on. Sorry, no visor.

We also offer a similar 1/3 scale helmet. Perfect for the 1/3 scale L-19 pilot. This helmet is in two halves and is molded "clean" in the front with no visor or sun shields.

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