Wingspan .......... 97 in     ...Wing Area ..........1650
Overall Length .... 79.5 in   
  Weight .......... 32 - 45 Lbs

Zenoah G-62, Sachs 3.7/4.2, Quadra Q-75, DA-85 etc

Vailly Aviation brings you another great Hawker fighter, the TYPHOON. The Typhoon completes our set of all the famous Hawker fighters. You've seen our successful Hurricane, SeaFury and Tempest. Now "The Family" is complete with the Typhoon. The model is scaled at 2.35 inches to the foot. The plans contain 3 large sheets that show an all built-up structure drawn full size and includes the installation of flaps and retracts. The retracts shown are our Giant Scale Retracts specifically designed for our Typhoon. Also shown are electric retracts available from Hank Likes. Other retracts may be used with modifications made to the wing. Full size templates are also shown for all ribs, formers and other various parts. The main accessory parts available are a fiberglass cowl, clear plastic canopy, formed plastic elevator and tailwheel opening shrouds, formed plastic landing gear door liners and cannon shrouds. dummy exhaust stacks and formed aluminum spinner with machined aluminum backplate.

The "Car-Door" style canopy is also available.

Primary construction is light plywood, balsa and spruce using conventional "Tried and True" materials and building techniques. All structures (with the exception of the rudder) are built-up and are either sheeted with 1/16", 1/8" or 3/32" balsa. The rudder is fabric covered as per the prototype. No foam is used what-so-ever. A four to six channel radio is required. The Typhoon uses 5.50 diameter wheels and a 1/5 scale WW II pilot figure.


4th Place in "Masters" class at 2008 Top Gun.... 

Runner-up for "Best Military Plane" at 2008 Top Gun.....

3rd Place in "Masters" class at 2010 Top Gun....

"Best WWII Plane" at 2013 Top Gun.....

4th Place in "Masters" class at 2013 Top Gun....

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