Our scale - like retracts for the Focke Wulf are designed by Roy Vaillancourt and manufactured by Sierra Giant Scale and are intended to provide your model with a set of heavy duty reliable retracts. Not only are they up to the task of handling abuse but they provide the scale purist with all the proper angles from front and side views without costing a small fortune. These units are pneumatically operated with a sliding up-lock and over center down lock. They also incorporate functioning spring dampened oleo struts with scissors. All parts are made of 6061-T6 aluminum except for the oleo strut which is heavy wall stainless steel tubing. The axle provided is 1/4 diameter music wire. Check out our Giant Scale Retracts section for more info. Retracts are only available direct from Sierra Giant Scale.

Our scale wheels for the 90" Focke Wulf feature cast and machined aluminum hubs with a threaded steel assembly coupling and two oil-impregnated bronze bushings. The overall diameter of the wheel is 5.50 inches with a width of 1.65 inches at the tires widest part. This wheel assembly weighs 6.0 oz. We currently use Dubro Tires fitted to our hubs. The hubs shown depict the type of wheels used on FW-190A-5 thru A-9 variants. We have discontinued these wheels but they are available direct from Sierra Giant Scale. We have also given Nick Ziroli a bunch of the castings and parts . Hopefully Nick will pick up on producing these agin. Give him a call....

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