Currently not available

until further notice

Our FW-190 has done very well at a number of contests such as Top Gun, utilizing the scale functioning cooling fan. It is now available on a limited basis.

The fan is made of aircraft grade A-357 cast Aluminum and is machined to fit a 7-3/8 cowl opening and our 4-5/16 dia Aluminum flying spinners for the 90" FW-190. Tests have proven that the incorporation of this fan has greatly enhanced engine cooling. Not only does it add that special scale effect, but it helps reduce the possibility of engine over heating that is common in scale cowled engines.

The fan is available to Vailly FW-190 customers only and may be purchased as the fan alone or it can be ordered with a matching Aluminum flying spinner. If you already have one of our spinners you may return it with your order and we will machine the fan to match for a small fee.

Please remember that the fan must be balanced "after painting". We can do the balancing for you for a small fee.


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