To add more detail to our FW-190 you can now install a bomb or belly tank that was typical on a lot of the A-5 thru A-9 and other variants. Both the bomb or tank are supplied in two halves (left and right) and are assembled around a 1/2 balsa crutch (not supplied) using Zap-A-Gap or similar adhesives. The under-wing pylon is supplied longer than scale so that you may cut out sections to satisfy the particular version you wish to duplicate. The bomb or belly tank may be made “dropable” by adding a small servo and Vortec bomb release in the pylon.

The bomb/tank release mechanisms available from Yellow Aircraft or BVM may also be used.

Belly tank installation shown

SE5 • Hawker Typhoon •Cessna L-19/0-1“Bird Dog”
FW-190 BOMB or BELLY TANK and MOUNTING PYLON •Hawker Hurricane •Stinson L-5 “Sentinel”
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