Updated January 21, 2016


Dear Fellow Warbird Enthusiast,

    Thank you for your interest in our line of giant scale plans, parts and accessories. Over the years, our designs have gained a reputation for being among the most accurately scaled and flyable giant-scale models available. We are proud of this achievement that our designs have enjoyed and continue to make an effort to maintain this dedication with every new design. Our designs are aimed at the serious scale modeler and are very at home at major scale events such as Top Gun and the U.S Scale Masters. Yet they are also equally at home at the local flying field. All our designs utilize basic tried and true building techniques and use conventional materials such as balsa and plywood. No black magic here. Every one of our designs has been built and flown prior to the release of the drawings. This assures our customer of a design that is buildable with all parts fitting together as desired. This technique also assures the builder that his completed masterpiece will indeed fly and that you are not the proving ground. All our designs are aimed at anyone with some previous model building experience. All our plans include full-size templates for all the required parts, allowing you to cut a complete "kit" before you start construction or you may elect to contact the recommended and highly respected kit cutter listed elsewhere. Again, thanks for your interest in Vailly Aviation. We are looking forward to having you as one of our very valued customers and seeing you around the scale circuit.

A note about our designer:
    Roy Vaillancourt is the president of Vailly Aviation. His specialty is giant scale WWII Warbirds. Vailly Aviation has been serving the giant scale enthusiast since 1986. Roy is an active scale contestant and has competed regularly at TOP GUN and The U.S. Scale Masters Championships plus many other scale competitions for more than the past 30 years. Roy has served as the East Coast Vice Chairman of the U.S. Scale Masters Association and is the first recipient of the coveted Harris Lee award. He has written numerous articles for many of the major model magazines dealing with all aspects of scale modeling. Roy and his wife Nancy operate Vailly Aviation out of their home as a part time venture to help contribute to the scale modeling community. In "real life" Roy is a retired mechanical engineer from the aerospace industry. He is a degreed mechanical engineer (2 degrees) with over 45 years experience as a manufacturing and design specialist in the aerospace field for many of the noted full-scale aviation corporations such as Lockheed Martin and British Aerospace. He has also written many articles on the design and fabrication of full-scale military aircraft components ranging from engine parts to landing gear and airframe parts and assemblies. This knowledge acquired in the full-scale world is passed on to those in the modeling field.


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